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The challenge of homeworking

The Covid crisis has revolutionized the professional world with the advent of remote working and this practice has been integrated into the working culture for many businesses. The flexibility of remote working brings many benefits to both employee and enterprise. However, this transition is not without challenges. Working from home risks invasion of work into the domestic space, disrupting the balance between personal and professional life. This situation impacts family relationships and the well-being of teleworkers, often forced to work in less-than-ideal conditions due to the lack of a dedicated space to work in.

Define your workspace

A clear definition of the boundaries between the professional and the personal

The Zenho nomadic office creates a naturally defined workspace, which physically separates work and personal life, improving focus when teleworking. Open or closed, work equipment remains contained in the briefcase which prevents items getting lost in the home space. The nomadic office is designed to be easily and discretely tidied away, allowing the remote worker to smoothly transition into their leisure time.

Find balance at home: limit distractions

The desk acts as a visual cue, creating a defined and identifiable workspace. The presence of the open Zenho nomadic office sends a clear signal to others in the home space that you are at work and should not be disturbed. The Zenho desk defines clear boundaries, helping to restore harmony within the home by helping the family to respect work and leisure times.

The comfort of a real office, wherever you may be

The nomadic office adapts to any setting. Its light weight and compact dimensions allow you to easily transport it from one room to another and the ergonomic design and storage gives you the freedom to create a functional workspace wherever you are. No more disorganized chaos on the table or kitchen worktop; the Zenho desk provides an ordered space to stay focused and productive, wherever you work.

Revolutionize the way you work remotely

Without the Zenho desk

With the Zenho desk

Your office, your rules

The nomadic desk

Designed to bring all the innovations of an optimized ergonomic office space to a portable device, the Zenho nomadic office is aimed at global citizens and young urban professionals. Its futuristic and minimalist concept combines sustainability, technology, and innovation. Intelligently designed and connected, the Zenho desktop's cutting-edge features provide intuitive control over its connection to the world.

It incorporates the latest technologies and offers smart solutions for storage, note-taking, and is even customisable to reflect the individuality of the Zenho nomadic remote worker all which enhance productivity. Affordable, agile, and designed for urban living, the Zenho desk is leading the remote working revolution.


Find out what makes it unique

Space saving

Thanks to its small footprint, it blends discreetly into your home environment. It fits easily into any corner of your home. Whether under a staircase, in a closet or even under the bed, the Zenho desk is a solution to optimize the available space.


The nomadic desk is equipped with a magnetic board which allows you to personalize your workspace by arranging your personal belongings in specific places. This feature helps you create a
familiar working environment where you can express your individuality.


Thanks to its numerous connection options, you can  keep all your devices permanently connected, ready to use at any time. Even after the office is closed, your workspace remains fully connected, giving you a smooth, uninterrupted experience, wherever you are.

Made in France

An office for everyone


HR Assistant

Sophie, an HR assistant and working mother, needs to be able to tidy her workspace away quickly when her children return home from school. Innovative and ergonomic with her work equipment scattered on the table, she rushes to get it packed up and gets important documents mixed up
with the kids’ drawings which were left nearby. The next morning, she takes 15 minutes to organize her workspace and find the missing paperwork.

Since using the Zenho office, she is now able to efficiently tidy away her workspace at the same time keeping her work organized. Meaning that getting work-ready the next morning is simply a case of opening her Zenho nomadic office.


IT consultant

Justin, has recently moved to Paris with his partner and lives in a 29 m² apartment. On the days that her works from home; he must cram all his work equipment onto a small coffee table where there is barely room for a mousepad. If his partner happens to be working from home too, finding space is impossible.

Thanks to the Zenho nomadic office, remote working for Justin and his partner has become much more manageable, each with their own physical workspace and increased options for using the space in their flat.


Freelance graphic designer

Élodie works from home but finds it difficult to focus in this environment for extended periods and she has discovered she gets a productivity boost if she can switch work settings. She would love to roam with her work, to a local café or escape the city to her parents in the country, but does not have a way to transport her equipment efficiently or safely.

After discovering the Zenho nomadic office, Élodie has the freedom to move around with her workspace and benefit from the boost in productivity this brings her.

Heard at WorkSpace Expo 2024!

What an ingenious idea! Where does it come from ? We can imagine this everywhere

— Florence, Paris (France)

This is a super innovative idea! It’s an ingenious and practical solution, we had to think about it.

— Cornelia, Frankfurt (Germany)

It looks like a luxury product with this mix of aluminum and wood

— Sophie, Paris (France)

Wow! Is there really an office in there? In addition, you can store all your belongings there and make a clean space.

— David, Liverpool (UK)

It's great, I'll be able to offer this to all my employees and my customers

— Aymeric, Lyon (France)
Who are we ?

Zenho is a recently launched new French company. We aim to  improve the remote working experience by offering innovative solutions. Our portable office embodies our commitment to premium products that are designed to optimize workspace.

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What is a nomadic desk ?

A nomadic desk is a flexible working from home solution designed to meet the needs of remote workers or those requiring an adaptable workspace. Unlike traditional fixed desks, the nomadic desk, also referred to as a nomad desk, is easily portable and can be set up in various environments within any space at home. This type of desk is ideal for optimising small spaces and for those looking to avoid the monotony of a single work environment. Equipped with integrated storage solutions and connectivity options, the nomadic desk offers versatility without compromising your comfort. It adapts to you, not the other way around, making it an essential working from home solution.

Choosing a nomadic desk

Why choose a nomadic desk for remote work ?

The nomadic desk is the perfect ally for the telecommuter. It offers the freedom to transform any corner of your home into an optimal workspace. Easy to move and store, this piece of remote work equipment allows for both standing and seated work, thus reducing the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. With adjustable surfaces, you can customise your workspace while maintaining an organised and stimulating environment. The nomad desk enhances your working from home solutions with its flexibility and ease of use. Discover our desks for working from home now!

Benefits of the nomadic desk

The benefits of the nomadic desk in the daily lives of remote workers

Adopting a nomadic desk enhances the experience of working from home. It not only promotes a healthy working posture but also encourages mobility and flexibility. For those balancing home and professional tasks, the nomadic desk facilitates a quick and effortless transition between activities. It also aids in clearly separating living and working spaces, helping maintain a balance between professional and personal life. Once your workday concludes, the desk can be conveniently tucked away into a cupboard or behind the sofa. Find out more about our home office desk furniture.

Using the nomadic desk

How to use the Zenho Nomadic Desk ?

The Zenho nomadic desk is designed to offer an ergonomic remote working experience. To start using your Zenho, position it in a well-lit area near a power source if necessary. Adjust the tray's tilt to suit your comfort, whether seated or standing. The built-in compartments are perfect for storing accessories such as chargers, pens, and notepads, keeping your work area tidy and organised. Simply place your computer on the desk, and you're ready to utilize one of the most effective working from home solutions available. For more information and tips on maximising your efficiency while working from home, check out our remote working tips.