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Our advice on homeworking

Zoom sur la définition de la QVCT

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Les avantages du télétravail pour les salariés

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Les avantages du télétravail pour l'employeur

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Enquête : télétravailler dans une mégapole

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The risks associated with homeworking for your employees

In a professional world in constant change, homeworking has established itself as an essential component of the organizational strategy of companies. It offers remarkable flexibility, this working modality promises to increase productivity while improving work-life balance . However, the impact...

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Homeworking: What impacts on the environment?

In the current context, homeworking has established itself as an essential working method, propelled by the global health crisis. This profound transformation of professional habits arouses marked interest from both companies and employees. Beyond the advantages in terms of flexibility...

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TOP 10 des outils pour le télétravail

TOP 10 tools for teleworking

Homeworking has established itself as a norm in the professional world, and offers flexibility, however, it presents significant challenges, particularly in terms of communication and task management. Data from the APEC study published in 2024 highlights that 39% of homeworking...

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Comment mettre en place une politique de télétravail efficace ?

How to implement an effective homeworking policy?

In the current context, where flexibility and adaptability have become important criteria for companies, teleworking has quickly become an essential component of organizational strategy. Indeed, according to the study “Teleworking for executives” published in March 2024 by the Association for...

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Homeworking and family life: How to juggle parenthood and productivity?

Homeworking has redefined the contours of professional life, particularly for parents. Balancing homeworking and family life presents a unique set of challenges, ranging from time management to maintaining work-life balance.  At Zenho, creator of the first nomadic office designed to...

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Homeworking and private life: the keys to lasting harmony

Today, homeworking has become a norm for many professionals, finding balance between private and professional life is more relevant than ever. According to an iVox survey on behalf of SD Worx in 2022, “80% of French employees believe that teleworking...

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Quelle prévention des risques lorsque l’on télétravaille ?

How to prevent risks when working remotely?

In order to limit the effects of working on a screen, particularly in teleworking mode, it is strongly recommended to remain attentive not only to the location and layout of your office, to the choice of equipment, to the display...

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Que manque-t-il dans votre espace de travail à la maison ?

What's missing in your home workspace?

Do you have an office at home? Does it live up to your expectations? Is everything in its place to be productive? To be efficient, you absolutely must organize yourself to combine workspace and home: you must remain in control...

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Télétravail : quatre ans après le premier confinement, quelles tendances perdurent ?

Homeworking: four years after the first confinement, what trends continue?

We have left deep marks following the sudden teleworking episode in spring 2020. The experiences and expectations of employees have had a profound impact on people's minds. Recently, studies have shown that these transformations and new habits have affected employees...

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