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Welcome to the heart of our adventure

Who are we ?

We are Leyla and Jérôme, the co-founders of Zenho. As engineers and entrepreneurs in our mid-forties, we have encountered all the challenges associated with remote working over the years. This experience, along with a drive and core ethos to incorporate well-being into the workplace, has guided us in the creation of Zenho and its fabulous nomadic office.

Zenho, for Zen Home Office, designs innovative and elegant office furniture in order to reduce the physical and emotional challenges that employees experience whilst remote working and help companies to integrate a real well-being approach in their remote working strategy.

Our evolution


From idea to design

In 2023, after two years of confinement due to the global pandemic, with widespread the universal adoption of remote working, a revolutionary idea began to take shape.

Faced with the challenges of creating a space within that would foster a sufficient level of performance whilst maintaining high levels of employee welfare in the remote-working setting, the
team conceived an innovative office that would meet the needs of both workers and businesses.


From prototype to first pre-orders

After having tested several designs, focussing on ergonomics and all the related issues that needed to be resolved, Zenho produced its first prototypes. The cardboard model stage was over!

From there, things quickly have snow-balled ... with the team taking pre-orders from companies who have understood the need to address quality of life in remote working. They take  delivery
of the first hundred units.


Orders take off

Through social media and ambassadorial influencers, the message is spread. With an unmet need for a sustainable and durable solution for remote working, the Zenho nomadic office generates a
healthy initial online buzz.

Remote workers are discovering that there is a solution for organizing their work (and their mind) when they are away from the office.



Zenho portable desks and their range of accessories are in high demand, and the ripples have turned to waves on social media, where they are showcase by satisfied users.

Meanwhile, team Zenho is already working on the next version of this revolutionary desktop.


Zenho emerges as a leader in remote working aids

This is the beginning of the apotheosis: Zenho and its nomadic office are now a must-have remote working tool adopted by all companies concerned with well-being in remote working!

Orders are pouring in from all four corners of the globe.

Our mission

To simplify the lives of teleworkers and nomadic workers by providing them with the tools necessary to work efficiently, just as they would in the office and to help companies to adopt a real quality of life approach to remote working.

Let's work better!

Our ecological contribution

At Zenho, we pride ourselves on our commitment to eco-responsibility. To this end, we have chosen to collaborate primarily with French companies for the manufacture of the nomadic offices and for sourcing the materials required. This decision not only allows us to support the local economy, but also to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing transport distances.

“Our customers want to take a leap into the future with us. Our designers are thinking about how we will work remotely in the future and have created a revolutionary mobile office.”

The Zenho team

Our partners

The nomadic office that respects your personal life