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Personalize your flex-office platforms

from 40€ / month

Want to bring your colleagues back to the office?

Let's imagine and organize the hybrid work of your employees together.

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Hybrid work & positive experience

Erase the Cons of Flex Office

Visual distractions

Visual distractions make it difficult to concentrate and reduce productivity.

Depersonalization of the workspace

Lack of personalization of the workspace affects morale and motivation.

Lack of a fixed location

Every day you have to collect all your belongings.

Lack of Privacy

Confidential discussions are difficult and the feeling of being observed increases stress.

Zenho, your Flex Office ally



A unique & personalized workspace

from 40€ per month

Create a real bubble of concentration

Stay focused with our nomadic office: create a cocoon of productivity in the heart of your open space.

Personalize the offices to your image

Workstations in your image, customizable in the colors of your employer brand.

Be fast and flexible

Take your dedicated desk out of its locker and start working in seconds, with all the equipment you need, anywhere.

Work wherever you want

Move your desk as you work.

The solution: Zenho hardware

The Zenho office guarantees everyone their own workspace, anywhere , ideal for flex offices.

It allows you to create a cocoon, a bubble of concentration , thus promoting employee productivity.

Thanks to its ingenious design, it folds and stores easily in a secure locker at the end of the day, eliminating any mess.

Comfortable, functional and customizable to the employer brand, it is made in France with durable and aesthetic materials .

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A common objective: employee well-being

Personal workspace

Zenho nomadic offices offer a personalized and intimate space to each employee in a flex office, promoting their comfort, productivity and sense of belonging.

Fair and inclusive Flex Office

Zenho offers a flexible and customizable workspace to guarantee all employees equal access to the best working conditions , ensuring comfort, efficiency and inclusion.

Transition between face-to-face and teleworking

With Zenho, employees have the possibility to move their office from the company to home or to another workplace, avoiding the duplication of hardware .

An offer tailored to businesses

Hybrid solution

Test our mobile office on 10 to 15% of your workforce.

Tailor-made support

Selection of the panel and measurement of satisfaction during the experiment.

Satisfied or refunded

Resumption of offices for unsatisfied employees.

I discover the Zenho Première Experience offer

Experts in caring management and QVT, offer your employees a unique and customizable workspace.

An offer tailored for businesses 🏢

We suggest that you try out our offer within your company with a pilot test on 10 to 15% of your workforce . This experiment includes tailor-made support to guarantee optimal adaptation and collect constructive feedback from your employees.

A flex office solution made in France 🍃

We present to you our product, eco-designed using premium materials such as aluminum and wood from eco-managed forests, made in France to guarantee exceptional quality while respecting the environment.