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Today, homeworking has become a norm for many professionals, finding balance between private and professional life is more relevant than ever.

According to an iVox survey on behalf of SD Worx in 2022, “80% of French employees believe that teleworking allows for a better work/life balance”. But how can you successfully reconcile homeworking and private life? 🧐

How to reconcile your private life and your professional life while working from home?

At Zenho, we understand the importance of work-life balance, especially when your office is in your living space.

This article explores the keys to successfully reconciling telework and private life, offering perspectives and advice for navigating this professional reality.


1. Dissociate your teleworking space from your private life 🏠

Why creating physical separation is essential?

One of the first steps to harmonizing teleworking and private life is to physically demarcate your workspace . This separation helps condition your mind to focus during work hours and relax when work is finished. Authors Brian Bailey and Joseph Konstant have shown that a distracted worker can require up to 27% more time to complete a task and double the risk of making errors. Therefore, it is essential to maintain physical separation between the workplace and private space to maintain productivity without encroaching on personal life.

How can the Zenho nomadic desk help define your workspace?

The Zenho portable desk is designed to give you the flexibility to create an optimal workspace, even in the smallest spaces. Its ergonomic design promotes good posture and can be adjusted to fit perfectly into your living environment.

This clever design helps make the transition between professional and personal life as smooth as possible: once your working day is over, the Zenho desk folds and stores away. You can easily partition your workspace and find balance between your private and professional life.

Zenho allows you to “protect” your workspace at home.


2. Manage your time effectively when teleworking ⏱️

If you're like many remote workers who tend to work more than expected, having a dedicated place to work won't be enough. To further optimize your productivity and maintain a good balance between professional and personal life, adopting time management techniques and recognizing the importance of breaks is essential.

Time management techniques

Adopting time management techniques such as the Pomodoro method ( 🍅 ), can greatly improve your teleworking productivity. By defining periods of intensive work followed by short breaks, you maintain your energy and concentration.

The importance of breaks when working remotely

Also consider integrating sufficiently long breaks into your teleworking routine, for example by using the Pomodoro method discussed above. This approach not only increases your productivity during working hours, but it also gives you the opportunity to relax between two work sessions. These moments of break help maintain good performance while preserving your mental and physical health.

Of course, once you determine your working hours for the day, make sure you stick to them! 😉


3. Maintain effective communication with your team 🗨️

Tools and practices for remote communication

Using communication tools like Microsoft Teams , Google chat , Slack or Discord helps maintain smooth communication with your team. Setting regular meeting times and respecting dedicated work time slots helps clarify when you are available for work and when you are dedicated to your private life.

Establish clear boundaries to maintain a work-life balance

It is important to establish and clearly communicate your work limits to your team to prevent overwork. Informing your colleagues about your working hours and sticking to them reinforces respect for your work-life balance. 🤝


4. Create a daily routine to find your work/life balance

Why is a routine beneficial?

Establishing a daily routine is essential to effectively separate and organize your time between periods of work and relaxation. This includes establishing rituals to mark the start and end of your workday to help your mind recognize when it's time to focus on work tasks and when it's time to relax.

Integration of the Zenho nomadic office into your teleworking routine

With Zenho, kicking off your work day has never been so simple and symbolic. Every morning, by setting up and opening your Zenho desk, you send a clear signal to your mind: it's time to get to work. This morning ritual establishes a clear line between rest time and productivity time. You immerse yourself in your tasks with determination.

When your day ends, folding up and putting your Zenho in a closet means the end of your professional activities . This gesture literally frees your living space, allowing your home to regain its function as a peaceful refuge.

Zenho revolutionizes the teleworking space by making it as flexible as your life needs to be.


5. Take care of your physical and mental health 👩‍⚕️

Stay active and prevent illnesses linked to teleworking

Adopting a light exercise routine and ensuring you work in an ergonomic posture can prevent pain associated with sedentary work. The Zenho desk encourages healthy posture , you can place it on a dining room table or high up on a work surface to promote movement throughout the day. Don’t hesitate to change your posture during your day.

Importance of disconnection

Taking time to unplug and focus on mental well-being is just as important as maintaining physical health. Practicing activities such as meditation, reading, or simply spending time with family can help reduce stress and recharge after a day of work. Remember that combining teleworking and family life is entirely feasible. 👪

Find work-life balance with Zenho

By adopting a Zenho mobile office , managing your time wisely, clearly communicating your needs and caring for your well-being, you can create a home working environment that not only boosts your productivity but also enriches your personal life.

We hope these tips and advice will help you find the right balance between working from home and your private life. Zenho is here to support you in this quest for balance by offering you solutions that meet the unique challenges of teleworking.

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