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Homeworking has redefined the contours of professional life, particularly for parents. Balancing homeworking and family life presents a unique set of challenges, ranging from time management to maintaining work-life balance. 

At Zenho, creator of the first nomadic office designed to improve teleworking comfort, we understand these challenges. This article offers tips to help parents navigate this new environment, so they can stay productive while caring for their family. 👪 


Understanding the challenges of homeworking for parents 🔎  

The transition to teleworking can be complex for parents. Between professional demands and family obligations, the boundaries sometimes seem to blur, creating stress and overwork. 

Recognizing and understanding these issues is the first step towards finding a viable balance, thus allowing parents to flourish in both their professional and parental roles. 


Parenting while working from home: Tips 🎧

To successfully telework while fulfilling your role as a parent, it is important that loved ones understand that working from home does not mean being available at all times. This confusion can lead to frequent interruptions from the spouse or children, who would hesitate to disrupt the teleworking parent if they were in a professional corporate environment. 

To grant parenthood to work, it is essential to clearly express to your family the specific needs related to teleworking . This can result in the establishment of adapted family life rules, such as: 

  • set an acceptable volume when the children are at home 
  • communicate schedules effectively to ensure quiet periods 
  • point out times when you need concentration 

Adapting your teleworking environment to your parental responsibilities therefore requires an effort of communication and planning, thus allowing you to be both professionally productive and fully engaged in your family life. 


Parenting in business: Support ✊

Businesses play a significant role in making teleworking easier for parents. For example, implementing flexible policies , such as adjustable hours or the ability to adjust workloads, employers can greatly contribute to work-life balance. 

Find out about your company's teleworking policies and don't hesitate to discuss your specific needs as a remote working parent. 💬 


Planning your homeworking Day: Tips for Parents 💡  

The key to a successful teleworking day is effective planning. This includes not only managing your professional schedule, but also organizing children's activities. 

Creating a schedule that reserves time for work, but also time dedicated to family activities , can help maintain a healthy balance. 

Using planning tools or apps can be helpful in visualizing and adjusting your day based on family needs . For example, you can use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar , these tools have desktop versions and a mobile application. You will be able to synchronize your personal calendar with your professional calendar and thus view your available slots. 


Managing interruptions and unforeseen events with children 🚨

Interruptions are possible when working from home with children. Rather than seeing them as disruptors, try to integrate them into your routine in a constructive way. 

Simple strategies, like setting up a system of visual cues to indicate when you cannot be disturbed, can help. Encouraging children's autonomy by preparing activities or games for them during your work periods is also a possible approach. 


Finding time for yourself and your family ⏲️

Preserving moments for yourself as well as for the family is essential to avoid burnout. It's important to remember that taking time away from work is beneficial, not only for your personal well-being, but also for your productivity. 

Establishing family rituals , such as game nights or walks after work, helps strengthen family bonds and clearly separate professional time from personal time. 

In this context, the balance between teleworking and private life is essential; establishing a dedicated work space at home helps maintain this essential boundary, and helps ensure that family time remains intact and separate from work obligations. 


At Zenho, we are convinced that the well-being of teleworking employees is essential to their professional success. Our telecommuting desk is designed to adapt to your needs, giving you the flexibility to work comfortably and productively from wherever you are at home. 

Together, let's make teleworking an enriching experience for all parents. 🤗

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