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Zenho First Experience

Experts in caring management and QVT, be a pioneer and offer your employees an innovative solution for an effective work/personal life switch in teleworking : a nomadic office specially designed for teleworkers.

We suggest you experiment with our offer within your company with a pilot test on 10 to 15% of your workforce. This experiment includes tailor-made support to guarantee optimal adaptation and collect constructive feedback from your employees.

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Maintain a quality professional/personal life switch

Clear any visual pollution

The constant presence of work equipment at home can create visual pollution and increase the mental load of employees.

The Zenho desk, easily foldable, allows you to quickly tidy up the workspace after each use, and thus helps to maintain a clear separation between professional and personal spheres and to reduce visual pollution in your employees' homes. This approach aims to preserve a healthy domestic living environment conducive to well-being.

Intrusion of work into domestic space

Without a dedicated space, your employees suffer from reduced concentration and affected well-being.

Work can also encroach on personal life, creating stress and family tension. This situation accentuates inequalities , with each employee having a different family context and home size. Providing solutions adapted to these diverse contexts is essential to promote equality and improve the performance and well-being of teleworkers.

Improve well-being at work

Blurred boundaries between work and home life can cause family conflict and stress. However, a well-organized workspace allows you to create a bubble of concentration , improving performance thanks to a calm environment and suitable tools.

Offer your employees a way to literally cut work from personal life so that the company disappears from their home. This clear separation reduces stress and improves mental health , providing better daily balance.

An offer tailored to businesses

Solution for teleworkers

Test our mobile office on 10 to 15% of your workforce.

Tailor-made support

Selection of the panel and measurement of satisfaction during the experiment.

Satisfied or refunded

Resumption of offices for unsatisfied employees.

Employer brand

Why choose the Zenho Office?

  • Premium product made in France (aluminum, wood)
  • Pack including a second screen, videoconferencing equipment and plenty of storage
  • Portable desk for working on any surface at home
  • Helps create a bubble of concentration in your home
  • Designed to separate work and private life: it disappears from home at the end of the day
  • Customizable in the colors of your employer brand
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