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Make the switch between work and personal life effortless

Open, to work. Closed, to recharge.

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Show that you are a caring employer to attract the talent of tomorrow!

Balance the professional and the personal

Help your employees to recharge

40% of professionals who work from home report that separating work-life from home-life is challenging (Executive homeworking, March 2024, survey conducted in France). Zenho offers a dedicated space which promotes both productivity when “at work” and quality rest time when home.

Employer brand personalisation

Keep your team connected

You can customise your Zenho nomadic office to match your organisation’s colours, reinforcing your employees' sense of belonging and affirming your brand identity.


Smart, compact design

Each Zenho desk is designed to encourage an optimal posture, thereby reducing posture-related fatigue and pain linked to desk work.

Improve your employees' remote working experience

Are you considering improving the remote working experience within your company?

Imagine a fair workspace for each of your employees , where each of them can benefit from the same comfort as in the office, but at home.

Once the working day is over the office disappears into a cupboard or behind the sofa.

Zenho is committed to providing a productive home-working space for your team while respecting the boundary between their work and their home lives.

Improve your team’s remote working experience

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Approved by employees 👍

Perfect when you don't have room to set up an office at home. There are all the storage elements for the necessary computer equipment. You had to think about it!

— Mathieu B • QVT Manager

We open, we're like in the office, we close, we're at home, it's very clever! We can close the work bubble and enjoy being at home without thinking about work.

— Nadia M • IT consultant

It's a revolutionary product for homeworking that combines design and functionality, once the office is closed, I store it behind the sofa and I'm no longer at work, it's great!

— Julie F • HR Assistant

Why adopt the Zenho Office?

  • It's much more than an office, it's an hub of your business in the home of your employees'.
  • It's a portable and foldable desk for working on any surface at home
  • It is an tool that allows you to partition work and private life
  • Equipped with a 2nd screen + videoconferencing equipment
  • Abundant storage for connectors and accessories

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Why equip your employees with Zenho?

Here are 4 good reasons

Talent attraction and retention

Superior quality equipment enhances the remote working experience.

Improved productivity and well-being

Making comfortable and ergonomic working accessible to all employees

Employer brand customisation

An office in your livery to replicate being on-site

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What is a nomadic office?

A nomadic office is a mobile and flexible workspace, designed for professionals who need a functional office while being at home. It is easily transportable and can be installed in various environments.

Who is the Zenho nomadic office designed for?

A nomadic office is a mobile and flexible workspace, designed for professionals who need a functional office while being at home. It is easily transportable and can be installed in various environments.

Depending on the needs, the light or the desires, it can move around the house during the day from one room to another.

Is the Zenho desk compatible with all electronic devices?

Yes, it is compatible with all electronic devices.

What are the delivery times ?

Deliveries will being from October 2024. Thank you for your patience and trust, and we are committed to providing you with regular updates on the status of your order.

What payment methods are offered ?

You can pay for your purchases directly by credit card. We accept most major cards to make your online shopping experience easier.